Intelligent document processing with OCR

Wondering why so many letters or even faxes are still being sent in 2023? So are we. To prevent these “analog” documents from becoming (or remaining) massive media disruptions and efficiency killers in your organization, we recommend using intelligent document processing.

Intelligent document processing systems resolve the media discontinuities that arise from the processing of analog documents. To do this, these systems rely on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning. OCR transforms analog documents into digitally usable information (text and image objects). The machine learning components ensure sustainable and reliable recognition and interpretation of the information.

Scanned documents are thus recognized by your intelligent document processing system and automatically processed as required. Common automatic processing options include categorization and forwarding to archiving systems, the appropriate clerk or a software robot.

Non-invasive technology for automatic document processing

Excellent integration with other automation technologies (including RPA)

Universally applicable across many input channels (scanner, email, fax…)

Measurable cost reductions and improvement of process efficiency

Reduction of operational risks through standardization of document processing (see show case: file creation)

Increased customer and employee satisfaction by reducing response times

The systems we offer are scalable to any size, market-leading and can be easily integrated into your digitization and automation solutions thanks to excellent compatibility with other standard applications and automation technologies.

Our Intelligent Document Processing Offer

Automation Now supports you holistically in the area of intelligent document processing. From the right strategy for your requirements to implementation. From technical setup to regulatory analysis.

Consulting: OCR Strategy and Organization

  • Potential analysis
    • Is the use of intelligent document processing worthwhile in your organization?
    • Operation of an in-house or outsourcing / cloud solution?
  • Structural and process organization
    • Roles, processes, best practices
  • Regulatory analysis
    • Compliance with regulatory requirements for the operation of intelligent document agreement (e.g. MaRisk for banks)

Several years of experience

Certified experts

Implementation of document processing

  • Technical framework
    • Analysis and deployment support of the appropriate hardware setup for your requirements
    • Licensing and installation of the required software
  • Identification and evaluation of use cases
    • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Implementation of process automation
    • Conception / Business Analysis
    • Programming / development of automation by certified developers
    • Software: UiPath, Abbyy Flexicapture eg.